ISIS attacks in Asia, Africa and Europe have left over 500 dead since September

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For almost two weeks, media in the Western World put all their attention on the Nov. 13 attacks to Paris. However, the attack in France was only one of 11 deadly attacks outside of Syria and Iraq that either ISIS or ISIS affiliates have claimed responsibility for since Sept. 24, according to a New York Times’ article.

These attacks have killed more than 500 people and injured thousands in Asian, African and European countries, as data collected by the Institute for the study of war shows.

According to Harleen Gambhir, counterterrorism analyst at the institute for the study of war, ISIS declared a caliphate in 2014. Since then, the terrorist group has expanded beyond its base in Iraq and Syria.The militant group, Gambhir said, has established provinces in eight different Muslim countries since the declaration of the caliphate. Egypt and Yemen, where four of the most recent attacks took place, are among these countries.

Authorities are still confirming if ISIS or groups aligned to ISIS were responsible for the four attacks they have claimed in Bangladesh since Sept.24. If they are, this would be the first time that the terrorist group enters the Asian country, Bangladeshi investigators said after the shooting that left one police officer dead and another injured on Nov.4.

In videos released on social media after the attacks in Paris, the Islamic State has threatened to attack other cities in Western Europe and the US. Brussels, the Belgian capital, has remained in lockdown since Nov.14.

An interactive map of all the attacks in countries other than Syria and Iraq that ISIS or its affiliates have claimed responsibility for since Sept.24.

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(This article was published on Nov. 27, 2015)