Monica Espitia

Monica Espitia is a Colombian journalist living in New York City. She is currently working at NY1 Noticias and Democracy Now,where she covers local, national and international news, with a focus on Latin America.

She recently earned a degree in international reporting from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. During her studies, Monica covered issues related to the Latino community in New York City. She produced, for example, an investigative multimedia project about LGBT Colombians who were forced to seek asylum in the United States because of the constant persecution that they faced in their home country by the different legal and illegal armed forces involved in the Colombia’s decades-long civil war.

She also contributed to the coverage of the 2016 presidential election at Univision Digital last summer. She wrote breaking news and analytical pieces, including: a comparison between the Brexit campaign in Great Britain and the Trump movement in the U.S., an analysis of the impact of the vice-presidential pick in the outcome of a presidential election and a piece about the history of the national political conventions in the U.S.

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